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Acceptable Loan Purpose
Purchase of any product or service (e.g. tuition fees, gadgets, etc.) Payment for any personal consumption (e.g. debt consolidation, etc.)
Acceptable Loan Amount
Minimum loan amount of Php15,000 up to a maximum of Php1,000,000
Flexible Payment Terms
Several payment options of 12, 18, 24 and 36 months.
Reasonable Interest Rate
You can get as low as 1.39% monthly add-on rate depending on your chosen term.
Worry-free Availment
No need for a guarantor or a collateral.

Availing of a Security Bank Savings Personal is easy and simple.

Loan Qualifications
Applicant must be at least 21 years, old but not more than 65 years old upon loan maturity.

1. Is a Filipino citizen.
2. Has an office or residence landline.
3. Reside or work within the bank’s service processing area.
4. For Employed:
a. Of regular and permanent status with current employer and with total employment of at least 2 years.
b. Income Requirement:
i. PHP15,000 gross monthly income for Metro Manila applicants
ii. PHP12,000 gross monthly income for outside Metro Manila applicants
5. For Self - Employed:
a. With at least 2 continuous years of profitable operations in the same line of business
b. Income Requirement:
i. Php30,000 gross monthly income and Php15,000 net monthly income for Metro Manila applicants
ii. Php25,000 gross monthly income and Php12,500 net monthly income for non-Metro Manila applicants

Submit the following documents during application:

A. Basic Requirements
i. Duly accomplished and signed Personal Loan Application Form.
ii. Photocopy of Company ID with clear photo and signature
iii. Photocopy of 1 valid government-issued photo ID with 3 specimen signatures
B. Photocopy of Company ID with clear photo and signature
a. Proof of Income
i. Latest original 1 month payslip
ii. Latest BIR Form 2316
C. Requirements for Self-Employed
a. Proof of Income
i. o Latest ITR with BIR stamp and tax receipt
ii. 2 years Audited Financial Statements
iii. SEC/DTI Certificate of Registration
iv. 6 months Bank Statements
Note: Other documents may be required as needed to process the loan.



12 Months

18 Months

24 Months

36 Months

Monthly Add On Rate

1.39% 1.49% 1.59% 1.69%

Monthly Effective Rate

2.46% 2.63% 2.77% 2.83%


Approximation of Monthly Amortization


1,459 1,057 864 671


4,862 3,523 2,879 2,234


9,724 7,046 5,757 4,468


29,170 21,137 17,270 13,404


48,617 35,228 28,784 22,339


97,234 70,456 57,567 44,678

 Processing Fee: Php2,000 (deducted from loan proceeds)
 Documentary Stamps: Php1.00 for every Php200, only for loans Php250,000 and above
 Late Payment Fee: 3% of overdue amount or minimum of Php500.00
 Returned Check Fee: Php500.00 per check
 Early Settlement Fee: 5% of the remaining principal balance or minimum of Php500.00
 Notarial Fee: Php100 only for loans Php100,000 and above
 SOA Certification Fee: Php100 per SOA request
*Interest rates and charges are subject to change without prior notice. Rates are effective as of June 28, 2010. All applications will be subject to the Bank’s credit policies and procedures.

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